Nobody Is Coming To Save You

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I wanted to get a post out today on a topic that is always my favorite thing to talk about.

Tough love.

Some people love tough love. Some people don’t.

It’s really the only way I know how to deliver a message because to be honest, the world is kind of a tough place in 2019 (almost 2020).

There seems to be this soft mentality that people have adopted over the last couple of years. It’s kind of a “the world owes me something” attitude.

I want to put an end to that once and for all.

I’m writing this at the age of 30, almost 31. I have a wife, a 5 year old daughter, multiple businesses/income streams, living in San Diego, and getting ready to move into the nicest house I’ve ever lived in.

Believe me I’m not bragging.

What I’m saying is this is where I’m at currently.

Now, if you’ve followed my journey for a while, you know that I’ve gone from impressive income to dead broke more times than I can count.

Over a couple year stretch I was stuck in the network marketing industry, relying on different companies to stay open, pay on time, and not screw the field over. This was always the opposite of what ended up happening.

Before that, I worked a job, was dirt poor, and occasionally made bad decisions when it came to employment, living situations, money, you name it.

The reason I followed with all that, is to show you where I’m at, and where I was.

I know that you have probably seen a hundred different rags to riches stories out there. But, that doesn’t make them any less true, or difficult when it’s actually happening to you.

Life is hard.

Finding success in life is even harder.

It’s a constant grind. It’s accepting that you will fail.

It’s feeling like you’ve gotten kicked in the nuts a few times, have gotten knocked down and almost out, but you get back up and get back in the game.

Too often do I look around on social media and I hear different people bitch and complain about their lives.

They say this is unfair.

They say that is too hard.

They’re waiting for something or someone to come to their rescue.

Well, as you can tell, I’ve got awful news for you.

Nobody is coming to save you.

No elected politician is going to make your life easier.

No CEO is going to just randomly offer you a perfect business venture or job.

Money isn’t going to just fall out of the heavens and land in your pocket.

That’s not the way life works.

Unfortunately and fortunately, it takes thick ass skin.

There’s a reason that not everyone makes it to the top of the climb. There’s a reason why the majority of the income is owned by a small percentage of people.

Before you think it’s generational wealth, read a fucking book.

The average millionaire in the United States is self made.

So, what’s your excuse?

That’s right, you have plenty of those. That’s why you’re struggling.

There’s been so many opportunities on this journey for me to just call it quits, look for a job, and crawl back into my safe space.

But it’s the ability to tough out everything life throws at you and to remain consistent while you do it that will set you apart from the fakers out there.

We’re successful, more so than I probably thought I would be.

We did this because we got our asses kicked, and didn’t rely on something or someone else to come save us.

So, my question for you as I bounce off this post is…

What are you prepared to do about your current situation?


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