My Kartra Review Part 1

I’m doing a series of reviews of my experiences with Kartra.

Let me get right down to how this all came to be.

I’ve been doing internet marketing for a couple years now.

At first, it was all about what platform was the cheapest.

Then, it was a blend of price and effectiveness.

Now, I don’t give two shits about price, I just want to make as much money as possible and the funnels are on point.

We’ve worked with a lot of different, effective companies out there.

My longest relationship would defenitely have to be with Mailchimp.

Anytime someone would ask me who I build my e-mail lists through, I would push them to Mailchimp.

I also used Leadpages strictly for landing pages.

I had a brief stint with Online Sales Pro (hated it) and a lengthy one with Convertkit (loved it).

So, how did we get here?

Well, my wife and I set up her stuff with Convertkit, to try and get an e-mail marketing system combined with a landing page maker, and it worked out really well.

She did over 100,000.00 her first year with her new business, and a lot of that was due to the great work Convertkit allows you to do.

We knew that we’d eventually need to move onto something bigger, with more options, like Clickfunnels or Kartra.

We were going to want a membership creator, funnel options, e-mail marketing, sick landing pages, as well as an affiliate marketing option for her clients/members.

Well, we had tried Clickfunnels a couple times in the past, and never really fell in love with it.

Side note, it’s a great company.

It just never really felt right for us.

Kartra on the other hand, has been a home run.

Their videos show you exactly how to navigate and set up everything with ease.

We started off on their 1.00 trial which you can find here and have already produced hundreds of dollars just from the first course uploaded, in less than two days.

Her membership program is almost ready to go, which will have an affiliate option, and a high ticket option as well.

Our plan is to merge it in with EverWebinar and really get a lot of the traffic and sales on autopilot, running pre recorded webinars on a weekly basis.

Now, for those of you that have never heard of Kartra, here are a couple quick features of the company:

Top Email Marketing Capabilities

Create individual blasts or full-blown drip campaigns, autoresponders, and more, with scores of gorgeous templates for you to use. Transferring our previous lists over to Kartra was pretty easy, and they had a video that showed exactly how to do it.

Dope Membership Site options 

Set up a complete membership portal,
with multiple membership levels and subscription tiers, to keep your customers engaged. This is by far what we’re the most excited about.

Flexible Shopping Carts

Choose installment payments or lump sum, subscriptions, coupons, upsell and downsell, plus full affiliate support — all with beautiful checkout pages. We’ve been having a lot of fun inputting upsell options with each course we put together.

Affiliate Management

Easily manage accounts, payouts and marketing; enable multiple tracking options, and get complete reporting at a glance. Our first affiliate program we’ve put together is with a 20% payout, in which we will keep everyone updated on the progress of this.

Slick Marketing Pages

Construct fully-customizable sales pages, product pages, multi-step funnels, attractive opt-in forms and much more — from a host of templates or your own designs. I’ve noticed a huge improvement from Kartra’s pages and Convertkit or Leadpages.

Split Testing

Optimize your marketing pages and email campaigns with split testing that automatically directs new prospects to your highest-converting assets after as many trials as you specify, with full reporting.

Full Help Desk With Quick Responses

Give your customers a fast and simple way to reach you via live chat, phone, Skype and a full ticketing system, all within Kartra. We’ve had a couple issues in the set up department, but got the answers we needed quickly in order to maximize our 1.00 trial.

Built-In Video Hosting

Host your videos right in Kartra and embed them in any of your Kartra web pages or external sites, with multiple player and video CTA options. We still pay for Vimeo, but I believe will eventually be running everything with Kartra at some point.

Detailed Analytics

Kartra gives you a complete view of your customers progression through your funnels, displayed in elegant, at-a-glance dashboards. View campaign stats and detailed histories of each of your leads, all continuously updated in real time.

And So Much More…

There’s honestly so many more options this allows for. If you want to check out all of Kartra’s options, just click here for more.

I didn’t want to create this post to shit on another company. Rather just promote what we’ve found to be appealing about our time with Kartra so far. Our goal just from Kartra funnels this year is 300,000.00 on top of everything else.

As promised, we’ll keep you all updated on this.

Like I said, if you want to check out the 1.00 option to test the Kartra waters, feel free to click here

With that said, I hope you enjoyed this!

We’ll talk soon!

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