Are you a graphic designer?

Have you wanted to jump into the industry but just didn’t know where to start?

I got my start as a graphic designer with Etsy’s platform, and I highly recommend it to anyone else who’s either struggling or trying to start, do the same as well.

I know what you’re probably thinking…

Isn’t Etsy a platform for middle-aged mothers who make beaded necklaces and sell them for $3 a pop, right?

Well, there’s so many different entrepreneurs flourishing on Etsy, and graphic designers are no different.

So the question is, what are you supposed to design on Etsy?

There’s so many niches to choose from, I know.

Sometimes, when there’s so many options, it’s the same as having no options…

This is why I wanted to make this blog post, to help you sort out the specific digital products I highly recommend

Well, here is a list of 50 digital products to get you started…

  1. Monthly Calendars
  2. Weekly Planners
  3. Daily Planners
  4. Laundry Room Art
  5. Snapchat Filters
  6. Snapchat Filter Event Art
  7. Kitchen Art
  8. Wedding Planners
  9. Canva Templates
  10. Blog Content Planner
  11. MLM Planner
  12. Home Budget Planner
  13. Dropship mugs from printedmint.com and sell your designs on them
  14. Dropship t-shirts from printedmint.com and sell your designs on them
  15. Dropship dog tags from printedmint.com and sell your designs on them
  16. Wedding Signs
  17. Party Signs
  18. Greeting Cards
  19. Coloring Pages
  20. Hand drawn Clipart
  21. Logo Design
  22. Branding Sets
  23. Business Cards
  24. Marketing Postcards
  25. Nursery Artwork
  26. DIY Designs with Corjil or Templett
  27. Blog Budget Planner
  28. Resumes
  29. Holiday Cards
  30. Designer Resources like Mockups
  31. Crochet Patterns
  32. Invitations
  33. Scrapbook Clipart
  34. Flyer Templates
  35. Brush Stroke Clipart
  36. Meal Planner
  37. Business Marketing Material
  38. MLM Marketing Material
  39. Sticker Designs
  40. Custom Email Signatures
  41. Life Planner
  42. WordPress, Shopify, or Wix Themes
  43. Fitness Trackers
  44. Inspirational Wall Quotes
  45. Bible Verse Quotes
  46. Downloadable embroidery fonts
  47. Pattern Clipart
  48. Photography
  49. Ebooks
  50. Funny Quotes

Exhausted yet?

I know it can be a little overwhelming, but never fear…

The best thing you can do is find something that interests you from the list, and just try.

I remember my first graphic.

It literally had nothing to do with what my brand ultimately became, but I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t get started.

So, find a handful of options you like, and start designing!

If you have any questions, or found this blog post interested, feel free to shoot me a question below!


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