I’ve been waiting a while to make this blog post.

It’s because I really wanted to make sure the platform of Free From 9 to 5 made sense to host such an electrifying topic.

And… news flash… It does.

You see, if you would have asked me about what Etsy is or isn’t a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to respond with much. To my knowledge Etsy was a platform where people who fucked with beads and jewelry went make a few dollars on the side of their job.

Well, obviously since I’m writing this, I was wrong.

My wife came to me with the idea 18 months ago that she wanted to start an Etsy shop.

I thought it was the dumbest idea ever.

At the time we were struggling like crazy, as most of you know.

I was coming to my end in the network marketing profession, had been completely robbed out of 10,000.00 a month, and were barely scrapping by.

Erika, who was bartending at the time, came up with an idea which I instantly shot down.

Luckily for me, my wife doesn’t give two shits what I say or think.

So, she decided to do it anyway.

She’s always been a talented web designer, as well as graphics.

After doing some research, she decided this would be the kind of store she’d open.

Anyways, after her first month, to my surprise, she had actually made around an extra thousand dollars on the side of her job.

Normally, that wouldn’t be that exciting, because our rent was 2 and a half times that alone.

But, this was something I didn’t think she’d make 5 dollars in, so I was already blown away.

Well, a thousand became 3.

3 became 5.

Then she went full time with the project, thinking that if she wasn’t working, she’d be able to put in more time to the business and really see what was possible.

I even started helping with scheduling, and marketing as well.

After a few months, it jumped up to about 7,000.00 a month in profit.

That’s when things started getting pretty serious.

Is 7,000.00 a lot?

To some maybe.

But it was a life saver for us due to the issues we had in our previous ventures.

For the first time in a while, I felt a little more secure and safe with the income we were making, rather than waiting for the rug to be pulled out from underneath us like in the past.

Anyways, by the end of the first year, we (my wife mostly) were doing 10,000.00 a month in profit which finally put us into a better position since essentially losing everything.

After moving back to Southern California, we buckled down and really hit it hard in the new year, earning around 20,000.00 a month which was the best we had ever done in anything.

It was a weird feeling for me to be honest.

Having that kind of income coming in, and having absolutely nothing to do with a profession that had paid my bills for half a decade.

So, why am I explaining to you something that could easily just have been a small chapter in my fist book?

Well, it’s because Etsy is something I truly believe can be something that frees you from your 9 to 5.

Obviously this project has become so much more than just a single etsy shop now, and has allowed us to look into other projects and investments as well, but it all started with that one shop.

So, my recommendation would be to think of a product you would ultimately like to push.


Research to see how it does on Etsy.

Then, research some more…. and some more… and some more.

Then, when you finally think you’ve got it, start a shop.

It’s crazy to think that you can have customers from all over the world, right at your fingertips, wanting to purchase, without having your own website, physical store, or anything like that.

It’s never been a better time to take a real shot at something.

Etsy is now one of the many things paying our bills and then some, and can quite possibly do the same for you as well.

If you found this remotely interesting or inspiring, or have questions, feel free to comment below!




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