We’ve all heard it….

I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man.

Jay-Z was telling you exactly what I’m going to break down in this blog post.

I see so many times network marketers getting caught up in the hype of their company.

First they change their cover photo to something branded with their company’s logo in it.

Then they change their name to Joe (insert company or product here.)

Then, they vomit all over their public pages about the product/service, thinking it’s helping, when really it’s doing the opposite.

And lastly, the company shits the bead, they join a new deal, and do it all over again.

Here is what I learned a while ago..

You need to put the branding focus on you, not the company.

See, if you do this correctly, then it really doesn’t matter if something ever happens to the company you’re building.


It’s because you’ve branded yourself as a professional network marketer, not a professional skin care affiliate, or a professional pip catcher.

This means that you can essentially take on whatever the product or service is at hand, bring in your team, and with the correct system, grow a business.

Well branded professionals also attract sign ups.

Think of it like this, if you’re looking for a new company, and you see someone that looks sharp, has a clean brand, and is somewhat relatable, you’re more likely to work with that person.

Put it this way, I’ve seen some really bad network marketers, with really good brands, find themselves in really good positions, ones that definitely did not match their skillset.

Skill sets are important, don’t get me wrong.

But branding is definitely not something you want to neglect.

This is why I don’t brand the companies I’ve been with. I would look like a weirdo being a skin care expert, followed by a health and wellness coach, followed by a smart home technology savant, followed by…. you get the idea.

Stick to branding yourself as a professional entrepreneur, or even a network marketer, and you’ll find yourself in better shape in the long run.

Think of Tai Lopez for an example.

I can’t even tell you what that guy does.

I’ve gone to his site, and he promotes like 10 different services.

BUT, I know he’s a stud. Because he brands himself as an entrepreneur first, and not whatever companies he’s affiliated with.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Speaking of focusing on branding, I caught wind of all of this issue in the industry a while back.

My wife was busy working her businesses which dealt with the brands of female entrepreneurs.

We always thought there were a couple professions that could be specifically linked up with network marketing, and they’d do very well.

For example, being a network marketing CPA, one who showed up to the Go Pro event as well as others, would not only be a profitable business, but a much needed one as well for the industry.

But, I’m not a tax expert, and have no interest in it.

We did however, come up with a store that I believe would be a major help for the network marketing industry, and one that I could add to Free From 9 to 5.

That is where Rank Up Now Branding came into play.

I’ve literally done 0 promoting for it.

In fact, as of right now, it’s just an Etsy store.

But, we’ve already taken on clients and EVERYONE who’s worked with my wife and gotten her designs, knows it’s the shit.

Anyways, if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself that I’m making sense, you should definitely check out our store, OR message me and we can help spice up your branding.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a network marketer, or a network marketing company, we want to help you rank up now. From business cards, event banners, social media flyers, we do it all.

Regardless of whether you check the store out or now, take the advice of branding your business before the company you build.

You will be much more successful in any venture you do.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below and I’ll get back with you immediately.

Until next time, peace out!

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