Timing is such an awesome thing in the network marketing profession.

It can also be frustrating to some as well.

When I first got into network marketing, I was lucky enough to start in a company that not only had timing, but massive financial backing as well.

Why are those two often important?

When companies are new, there is so much that goes into getting it off the ground. This can be getting the right leaders, having enough product/inventory, being licensed in the right markets, etc. All of those, and more, usually involve dollars.

The company I was in, had both. I contribute a lot of that to why my “first run” in network marketing was so successful.

You see, not all companies are created equal.

Now, with that said, timing can also be frustrating.

The beginning stages are fun to be apart of. But, they’re also when things can, and usually do, go wrong.

I don’t mean things that will collapse a company. I’m talking about payouts, website/tech issues, lack of customer support, etc.

I hear so often from people all around the industry how they’re frustrated with this company and that company because of XYZ.

My rebuttal is usually the same.

If you’re going to be on the front line, expect arrows.

Most everyone who gets in 5 to 10 years down the line, ALL wish they could have joined earlier.

We’ve all heard someone say they with they could have joined Amway back in the day.

With that said, people who actually do help launch companies, know it isn’t all sunshine and roses.

My recommendation is to hang in there. Enjoy the journey, assuming everything you’re experiencing falls under the norm of being a network marketing company pioneer.

Currently, while writing this, I’m having a blast launching my newest project. It’s been relatively smooth sailing so far, and we’re only a month old.

I don’t believe you HAVE TO get into a company at the beginning. I’m also involved with a direct sales company that is over 40 years old.

So, in closing, if you have timing, enjoy it, take advantage of it and lastly, don’t get frustrated at a few hiccups along the way.

Thanks for reading. If you have ANY question feel free to ask below and I’ll get that answered ASAP.

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