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What’s going on?

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve gotten a blog post out.

If you don’t follow me on social media, you probably wouldn’t know that we just moved from Connecticut, back to the beach here in San Diego.

It was a rough month, but we handled it like champions, still having one of our best months ever online.

I wanted to write this post talking about something important in my opinion.

I was considering just putting this out on Facebook, but I didn’t want to write an essay on there.

A blog post made more sense for this topic.

I wanted to respond to a question I get all the time..

Why do I still actively build in network marketing/direct sales when I don’t need to?

Seriously, I get asked this all the time, and it’s a great question.

I’ve been in the industry of network marketing for almost 7 years now. I’ve had a lot of success, built some big teams, been a top income earner in multiple companies, and have found myself in a weird position as of this year.

We, for the first time since I can remember, make more money outside of network marketing, than we do inside it.

Is this because there’s something wrong with the industry?


We are just building some VERY successful brands, and are excited about the limitless potential of them.

It’s allowed me to really step back for a minute, and analyze what I want to do inside the profession, and what I want to represent.

You see, when you’ve been successful at something like network marketing for a while, you forget what it’s like to be able to just turn it off, have fun, kick it with friends (with no thoughts on recruiting) and all that goes with it.

Since our businesses don’t require us to have to pitch, sell, or recruit, I’ve been able to really cool my jets when it comes to the DMO’s of the industry.

I think there’s something freeing about it.

When you don’t give a fuck if you make x amount of dollars in the industry, recruit however many people, attend events, etc, it’s such an awesome feeling.

I truly believe deep down, THIS was the way the industry was originally meant to be.

Something part time, on the side of what you’re passionate about, or in the beginning, your job.

Something that funds your passion projects, vacations, lifestyle, etc.

I never wanted to get into this industry to be a hopper.

You’ve seen these lifers online.

They join a company with a deal, skip ranks because of the hook up, talking about how good it is, then, BOOM. It’s done.

The deal runs out, the ranks stop getting popped, and they move onto the next one.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Listen, if you love doing it, all the power to you.

It just wasn’t something I ever wanted to do.

I wanted to create something special in the industry, something I actually care about, and let that project fund everything OUTSIDE the industry that I can grow long term.

That’s really what has happened this year.

So, back to the question.

Why do I still hang around the industry?

It’s because I’m really passionate about what I’m doing inside of the direct sales space.

That simple.

About 2 years ago, I partnered up with Enagic, the kangen water machine company you may or may not have heard about.

The product is the best I’ve ever seen in the health and wellness industry.

It’s a higher ticket purchase, BUT it’s a one time buy and you have a life long product you’ll use every day for the rest of your life, AND you can build it without being forced into an autoship.

The best part is, because you don’t have to babysit and can’t de-rank, I can focus on my outside projects, AND balance this, without feeling like I have to hit inboxes up, prospect my friends, or any of that.

If you want some 9.5, you’ll hit me up.

If you don’t, cool.

If you want to build, dope.

If you don’t, cool.

See that?

That’s what real freedom is like.

Not getting caught up in autoships, startups, prospecting everyone under the sun, company BDA’s and deals, none of that shit.

That is why I still attach my name to this industry.

I’ve found something that will be here tomorrow, MORE than rewards you for sharing it, and I genuinely feel better for taking it.

My hope for everyone is that you of course get a machine. But more importantly, get yourself into a position where you truly wake up, every single day, and are passionate about what you do.

If that’s a full time, company hopping, “network marketing professional,” good on you.

If that’s like me, and you really just do it part time for the love of the game, even better.

Whatever it is, go after it.

Now you know why I still do what I do, and why Enagic will be the last thing I ever attach myself too inside of this industry.

If you found this interesting at all, or have questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll get it answered for you.

Thanks again for following!


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