September 2018 Income Report


September 2018 Monthly Report- I’m Back

Goals for September

  • 250 likes on like page
  • 8,000.00 in income
  • Launch blog
  • 1 coaching client
  • Launch courses

Completed/Incomplete for August

  • 8,000.00 in income
  • Launch blog
  • 1 coaching client
  • Launch courses

What is working

I’m not 100% launched yet, but so far so good with Free From 9 to 5. I was able to hit a lot of goals this month, including crushing the income goal.

Overall I’d say the thing that is working the most is balance. Erika and I have launched, and are launching multiple projects, which is why having balance is key. It’s important if you’re going to diversify, that you give all of your projects plenty of focus.

What is not working

There wasn’t anything this month that didn’t work. I’d say the fact that I still have so much to do is the closest thing I’d label as “not working.”

Because we have so many projects, getting things accomplished takes a little bit more time. We have found that scheduling with Asana is key. It allows us to make sure our day is properly scheduled and allows us to maximize productivity.


The most important metric on the entire blog – earning a subscription from someone is the ultimate form of commitment and conversion.  This first month I didn’t push out email subscribers at all. I will  put more of a focus on it in October.

  • E-mail –  Total: 0


  • Instagram – Total: 9,211

I’m using Incredigram which has helped my engagement, numbers, and overall performance of my Instagram. If you don’t have an auto engager program, you’re missing out.

  • Facebook – Total: 231

This is strictly from my Free From 9 to 5 With Jesse Belvin. This has nothing to do with my Community page, or any other projects.


Network Marketing/Direct Sales commissions: $3,083.00

Belvin Media: $6,542.25

Blue Host commissions: $65.00

Incredigram: $4.25

Free From 9 to 5 courses: $798.75

Free From 9 to 5 coaching: $1,000.00

Rank Up Now Branding store: 0.00

Total income earned on the books this month – $11,493.25

What I have learned

  • I’ve learned to put focus on certain projects that pay more than others. I give proper time to everything I’m working on, but certain businesses have higher ceilings than others.
  • I’ve learned how key it is to take days off. I took 4 days off last week to recharge my batteries, and it was the best decision I could have made.

See ya on the October Income Report!

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