Hey there!

My name is Jesse Belvin.

I’m a 30 year old entrepreneur, parent, husband, and sports fan.

I build multiple businesses with my total rockstar of a wife, Erika Belvin, all while raising the coolest little girl in the world, Ms Hannah “Banana”.

My story is pretty much your typical story of guy who got sick and tired of being sick and tired, jumped into the network marketing profession, and found tons of success.

Where it started to get interesting, was right around the time I started to realize I wanted more out of this entrepreneur game than just launching the next MLM company.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the profession as a whole.

I just felt deep down, there was more for me out there, and boy was I right.

My wife reached out to me one day about opening an Etsy shop, because she wanted to start featuring some of her designs on it, in order for us to live a little bit more comfortable than we were at the time.

I, being a total dumbass, told her that was a bad idea.

Well, since that moment, she turned that business into a 6 figure (soon to be 7) powerhouse branding/design business that has completely changed our lives.

I was able to stay behind the scenes, helping with the stuff I was truly passionate about, which was online marketing.

There started to be a line of female entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how to do design like her, so that they could ditch their 9-5 businesses and go full time.

That’s right around when Free From 9 to 5 was born.

Entrepreneurship is all about solving problems.

70 – 75% of the US population hate their job.

See the issue?

Well, I decided I would finally step up, and make it my mission to do something about it.

It didn’t matter if it was network marketers, business owners, graphic designers, drop shippers, bloggers, or just regular 9 to 5 employees with no side projects, I wanted to help people accomplish what I’ve had for years…

A life lived on my own terms.

No boss to tell me when I could or couldn’t take a shit.

No fake smiling to people I didn’t like, after getting to a job I hated, just to spend 40 hours that week working JUST hard enough not to get fired.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to live the free from 9 to 5 life for years, living all over the country, getting to spend time with my wife, daughter, friends and other family whenever I want.

Free From 9 to 5 is going to be TONS of different courses, investment opportunities, and content put together that will help the average person kick some serious ass, walk right into work on a Monday, and fire that douchebag of a boss they’ve had to work for just so they could pay the bills.

Will everyone make it from this website?

Probably not.

People can be weird/lazy like that.

But, if you get involved one way or another, have drive, and work your ass off, you can have that life you only read about in magazines.

I want to thank you for following me on this new, exciting journey of mine.

Hopefully we’ll get to connect soon.

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